Jalin specialises in off the plan marketing and sales of Australian projects. With offices in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China, Jalin Realty’s network is vast. Importantly, we have the demonstrated capacity to coordinate and complete the entire sales process and then further assist with after settlement management services, as required.

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For more than 30 years, Jalin Realty has been working with Developers and Investors. We understand property. We have marketed it, sold and we manage it.  We know what makes a property a worthwhile investment and we know how to maximise the value of that investment.

And End to End Solution

At Jalin Realty Australia our primary focus is to provide a complete, end to end real estate solution.  Whether we are working with Developers, Investors, Tenants or Suppliers our service is entirely focused on planning, strategy, communication and delivering a first class service.

Jalin Property Management works with each client to deliver the best possible outcome by listening to their needs and creating a strategy which is clear, concise and efficient.

Whether we are working with large, small or single projects the fundamentals of our strategy remain the same — individualise a project plan to suit the individual needs of the client.

Understanding the sales process and working with Investors on a day to day basis is a key to the streamlined transition to property management.  Our team work closely through all facets of the real estate life cycle to ensure the client is informed, educated and understand the individual processes end to end.

At Jalin we lease and manage apartments, townhouses and houses across all suburbs within 35kms of our centrally located Melbourne CBD office.

Education and research is a primary focus for us when working with each development.   Understanding every facet of the product is the fundamental difference between our business that of others in the industry.  The key to the most successful partnerships is this focus assisting our clients through each step of the process:

  • Overall understanding of each apartment/unit and inclusions
  • Onsite meetings with builders and developers
  • Pre – Settlement inspections
  • Defect and maintenance management
  • Settlement handover and key collection

The Jalin Property Management team is driven and dedicated making sure the following are at the foremost of our minds at all times:

  • Communication
  • Systems and process
  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Training and education


Property Leasing – the Key to A Great Relationship

Developing a leasing strategy for each project is the key to building a strong relationship with all parties and achieving the ultimate goal which is happy and prosperous Investors.

  • Researched and relevant rental appraisals
  • Quality marketing & advertising
  • Regularly scheduled open for inspections
  • Continual onsite presence by Jalin Property Management
  • Quality property presentation
  • Review of rental returns in an ever changing market
  • Proactive pursuing of quality tenants
  • Educated negotiation of lease terms and conditions
  • Tenant selection
  • Accurate documented and photographed condition reports

This project planning has been key to the success of all the developments we have been involved with.  Some recent examples

  • MY80            80 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne
  • The Cotery    Gadd Street, Northcote
  • Mr. Smith      332 High Street, Northcote
  • The Grove     29 Hamstead Road, Maidstone
  • Central Park  Lavender Drive, Cheltenham
  • Concavo        9 Waterside Place, Docklands

Ongoing Management – Efficient and Communication Focussed


At Jalin Property Management we leave nothing to chance.  Our property management process is second to none with communication and transparency being the fundamental to our best practice.

  • Liaise with key partners to provide clients with the best possible policies and pricing for landlord insurance, smoke detector maintenance and depreciation schedules
  • Manage and monitor tenant rental payments
  • Routine inspections
  • Co-ordinate and negotiate the maintenance requirements of the property
  • Conduct regular rent reviews in line with the legislation and provide appropriate feedback
  • Manage lease expiries and liaise with all parties with respect to leasing terms
  • Vacating inspections