Jalin specialises in off the plan marketing and sales of Australian projects. With offices in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China, Jalin Realty’s network is vast. Importantly, we have the demonstrated capacity to coordinate and complete the entire sales process and then further assist with after settlement management services, as required.


Wealth Creation

Our goal at JWC is to create Financial Freedom for our investment division clients by investing in property while at the same time reducing your non-deductible debt (own home) so you can own your own home sooner and not rely on your superannuation in retirement. JWC will show you how to:

  1. Create Tax efficiencies to help you pay your mortgage off sooner
  2. Build Wealth through Property Investment you can afford
  3. Take back control of your finances from the bank and showing you how to re-stucture
  4. Have a debt free home in the shortest possible time

Today most Australians spend their whole life struggling to pay off the bank to own their home, this is known as Mortgage Stress.

By the time the average Australian has slaved away paying their mortgage with after tax money to a bank that charges interest, their home will cost them 3 times as much as they originally borrowed.

Mortgage = $180,000      Payments to Bank = $399,054      Income before tax = $582,579



  1. JWC will firstly help you determine if property investment is right for you by sitting down with you and understanding your goals?
  2. A client assessment is conducted with the information gained from the first meeting with a finance expert in assessing your position to see if this is even achievable based on your individual circumstances?
  3. If you qualify, JWC will then conduct a coaching session with you 1-on-1 to demonstrate how you can re-structure your finance with the right targeted investment and the results that would be possible if you did.
  4. Our property investment team will then go and source the very best investment to help you achieve your goals and set you on the path to financial freedom, taking away all the stress of finding the right one.
  5. Your plan is put into action.