Your international property partner

Jalin Realty connects owner occupiers, investors and developers in Australia and Asia


A trusted name
for more than 40 years

Jalin Realty is a privately owned business specialising in property marketing, sales and support. The business began in Kuala Lumpur in the 1980s, marketing property to people looking to diversify their wealth.
In the 2000s, the business began marketing Australian property to Malaysia, followed by the opening of offices in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Australia and now Hong Kong.

As we have grown, we are proud to have provided opportunities for our clients, our staff and our business partners to grow with us.
With the opening of an Australian office in Melbourne, Jalin Realty provides an even greater range of property related services, as well as connections to Asia for local developers.

Our Vision

To provide opportunities
for people to enhance their lives
so they can improve their world.

This has been our vision since Jalin began more than 40 years ago, and it has guided our staff and our business practices ever since.
As an international business, we see the value of being able to live, study, work, and travel across the world. By providing opportunities to make that happen, we believe our role is to help build a global community.

In Malay, the word ‘Jalin’ means ‘strengthening ties’, while in Mandarin it means ‘harmonious home’. Both meanings apply to our vision – helping people to make connections and create places to live and grow together. We do this by providing forward-thinking opportunities and long-term security.

Our Values

Guided by integrity and professionalism.

As the landscape of the property industry changes, our guiding values have remained the same, and can be summed up in one word: ETHICS. This not only protects our clients’ wealth, it has also made us one of the premier choices for Australian develops looking to market their projects in Asia, and for Asian investors looking to buy property in Australia.

Excellence. We work to deliver the best results.
Teamwork. We work together with clients and partners.
Honesty. We’re transparent in everything we do.
Innovation. We are always striving to find a better way.
Commitment. We’re loyal to the people we work with.
Sincerity. Our word is trusted around the world.

Our People

Our strength is in our people.

Jalin Realty is a family business with strong family values at the core of everything we do, from when we began with just 10 people in 1989 to our almost 100-strong team today. Our staff are members of Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) with ongoing training to ensure they have up-to-date industry knowledge.

Just as important as our own people are our trusted partners. We’re proud to have worked with major developers, such as Mirvac and LendLease, as well as smaller developers who also share our high standards of quality. We also work with a trusted network of solicitors, accountants and other professional providers to deliver a seamless one-stop-shop service.

Melbourne Office

William Chen
Executive Chairman
+61 3 9631 2700
Ian Chen
Founder, Owner and CEO
+61 3 9631 2700
Adrian Chen
Managing Director
+61 3 9631 2700
Ann Gill
+61 3 9631 2700
Zack Ahmad
Associate Director / Property Consultant
+61 3 9631 2700
Little Zhai
Head of Property Management
0458 288 128
Veronica Sun
Property Manager
+61 423 637 971
Winnie Yang
+61 427 542 776
Janice Sae
Sales & Property Consultant
+61 438 972 180
Fiona Wang
Mortgage Team / Property Consultant
+61 421 176 319
Ernest Towle
Sales & Property Consultant
+61 407 540 768
Jeffrey Su
Sales & Property Consultant
+61 450 820 815
Jaime Lok
Jaime Lok
+61 468 956 579
Lucas Chen
Sales & Property Consultant
+61 484 880 008
Joyce Siew
Property Consultant
+61 409 320 489
Yuefeng Pan
Sales & Property Consultant
+61 497 918 888
Nigel Chen
Assistant Property Manager / Marketing Admin
+61 3 9631 2700
Accounts Team
+61 3 9631 2700

Kuala Lumpur Office

Frankie Tan
Director of Project Sales
+6 03 6203 9988
Elise Chan
Sales Consultant
+60 10 206 2650
Office Manager
+6 03 6203 9988
Assistant Group Finance Manager
+603 6206 1716
Karen Wong
Senior Contracts Administrator
+6 03 6203 9988
Syahidatul Syaeeda
Accounts Executive
+6 03 6206 1716

Singapore Office

Judith Seng
International Properties - Sales Consultant
+65 8123 9575

Jakarta Office

Andy Irawan
Sales Manager
+62813 1991 9989
Ricky Irawan
Senior Property Consultant
+62813 1010 0777
Marketing Support (Indonesia)
+62 877 8111 3211

Beijing Office

Rena 史厚钰
+86 13917822339
Susan 闫鹏
Admin Manager
+86 15501149189

Hong Kong Office

Daniel Khoo
Managing Director
+852 9730 2880
Henry Lam
Associate Director - International Properties
+852 9096 3676